Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day 31! A month!

That means today is the day I give the doggies their chewable heart worm medicine and tomorrow their flea and tick liquid medicine on their coats.

Today was pretty uneventful.  We drove much father today than we have in awhile.  We arrived in Moab just in time for Richard to have signal for a conference call.

Only 14 photos today!

Yeah, wasn't this nice.  Supposed to be hotter tomorrow, more hotter Thursday.

So as I was typing this I noticed the sun was setting, so I'm adding more pics.  Hope you like them!
Oh boy, I clicked the pictures out of order, so they are posted out of order.  it is 9PM and you'll just have to deal with this.  When I am done today, I am all caught up!  woo hoo.
These are salt flats.  

When I took this I noticed we were starting to drive through a big area of canyons and cool stuff.  I told Richard, this is great, why isn't this in a National park!  lol

This is the last picture taken today.  

This was taken shortly after we left Bryce

Cool looking things like we saw in Bryce, only gray, not red.

This was the dog walk area at the rest stop-no flowers, but did have good dirt and privacy.

I thought this was cool with the clouds.

Artie sleeps with his head on the door handle.

This is just all over Utah.

Another picture of the salt flats.

A lot of the better views were on Richard's side of the truck!

My try at a panorama.  The sun was setting, so the hills across the highway were quite red.

The funny thing, we are parked only 107 feet from a geo-cache!  A big one!  

I thought this was a cool formation.  Maybe tomorrow we can go drive at sunset time to try for a pic.

We are here for 3 nights.

All caught up!  See you tomorrow!  Going out at 8AM.  Gets hot around 10!

Day 30-catching up.

Hello!  'tis a day for dreams to come true!  When I was a little girl I was one of those who had a horse collection.  Not real horses, but collectibles.  I read every horse book known at that time.  People from my generation would remember "Misty of Chincoteague."  My favorite horse in my collection was a Palomino.  Today I got to ride a Palomino for a 3 hour trail ride.  A few times I almost cried.  I sooooo loved it.  Thank you, Lord, for helping this dream come true.  There are trials in our lives like broken trucks, sickness, lost items, death, children moving away, but this was a day for happiness.
Here we are.  This picture was taken in the middle of the trail ride but it is my favorite.  Richard put this picture in his blog, but for some reason cut himself out of the picture.  Uh Oh!  Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Richard reads my blog!  He said the picture of me he put in his blog was the one he took at the very beginning of the ride!I think he looks rather handsome.  I still think he looks handsome.  If you read his blog you would have heard his story of his horse, Geronimo.  It was put at the end of the line of 17 tourists and 2 real cowboys.  His horse was a lagger.  You can see in some of the pictures that Richard took here he is sometimes way back.  My horse's name was Mellow.  It was hard for them to get us together for a picture.  When Daniel, the cowboy, put them beside each other Geronimo started to bite Mellow on the neck.  The cowboys said sometimes drama with horses is worse than high school girl drama.  Anyway, he could only get one picture.  

Here we are in the corral.  They lined us up as groups that we came in.  

Happy Trails!

It was quite dusty, but not too hot.

 I looked at Richard's blog---all his pictures are tiny, but if you click on a picture it will be big.

We returned home.  The next set of pictures are of my walk with the dogs when we got back.  By then it was about 1:00 and getting hot.
This is showing the size of the "resort"  This picture is showing the lake and part of the hotel

This picture I have moved to the right.  You can see a tipi (how they spell it) in the distance.  A geo-cache was close by

And this goes over to show the RV parking site.

Geese.  There seems to be Canadian geese and robins everywhere we go.

This is their wild irises.

Do you see the blue damselfly?  There were hundreds in this field.  Pretty!

I believe this to be called a Juniper tree.

A small orange flower.  Most flowers I find are sooooo tiny, but many, many varieties.

They were a little hot after the walk.  After all---this is their blog!   

Day wasn't over, yet.  I had 2 geo-caches to find, and Richard needed to get gas in the truck.  These last few pictures were all taken at a geo-cache spot by the 2nd hotel owned by Ruby's Inn.
I had to tell Richard to go stand over there!  Put your hand on the truck!  It worked!  What a nice picture.  They had several old rusted vehicles out front.  It seems that rusted vehicles like old cars and farm equipment seems to be the popular decorations down here.  Remember the stuff at the Orange Grove RV park in CA?

Yup, a geo-cache in here.

Nope, these flowers are not the geo cache.

I saw this fragile flower in several places.  When it dies and shrivels up it is orange.

More yellow and blue wildflowers.

A brown wildflower?

I think this might be Indian paintbrush.  Anyone reading this know what this is?

More of the pretty yellow flower.  It isn't that small, about the size of a pansy.

Real pretty.
That concludes today's adventures.