Monday, December 3, 2018

Trying to make a post using my phone.

We are on an actual vacation trip.  It is very relaxed and I have time to blog.  Richard does his on the phone very quickly.  I just don’t care for not having a keyboard.  I’m going to change to my iPad.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Back home.

Hello everyone.  Here is the last post on our latest adventures.  Oh my goodness it is amazing how fast these pictures loaded.  What has taken 30 minutes on the road took 1 minute here at home.

 My first picture to share with you is of the cactus in the corner of the RV park.  They had done some nice work around the park planting cactus and making it look quite appealing.  Beside the RV park was a pathway that wound around a plot.  We walked the path and noted signs around it that had interesting quotes.  It also measured how many feet one has gone.  Plus each post had the Caution sign.  We discovered that the business next door had made it. 

 I kept wondering about these holes in the dirt.  Snakes?  I came to the conclusion that they must be for Hares.  Bugs Bunny forgot to put out his mailbox.
 Below you see dirt with a pile of green stuff.  The green stuff are itty bitty leaves from the tree on the right that were being cut by ants and carried to their home.

The picture below was taken as we were driving to Katchner Caverns.  The caverns were discovered in the early 70's when two university students went down into a sink hole.  What is so cool is that these caverns have been kept in pristine condition.  Caves that were discovered in the 1800's, like Lewis & Clark, or the 20's, like Carlsbad, have had deterioration.  L&C has had much of it taken as souvenirs.   Katchner Caverns allows no cameras, cell phones, purses, etc..... It is very warm in there, so don't wear a jacket around your waist that might touch the inside.  They have special doors to limit air and condensation.  In fact, we went through a mist to keep lint from flying off our clothes.  It was beautiful in there.  Saw things that I've never seen in any other caverns.  But no cameras.  So no pictures for you. 

No cavern pictures for you, but here is a selection of what I've been crocheting.  The black thing in the back is a black scarf for Reuben.  He wanted black.  It's not finished because I need more yarn.  The rest you see are dish clothes or scrubbies.  Easy 2 hour projects.  Some of the scrubbies I have made larger to put sponges inside.

We had to put the 5th wheel into storage.  We parked it on our last morning in Benson, AZ.  I got to do one of my favorite things.  Climb up on the to of the 5th wheel!  Richard needed an extra pair of hands to put the cover on.  What took him 5 hours last year, took us together only an hour.  I don't know how he did it by himself.  Anyway, a train went by while I was up on the roof.

Fairbanks hasn't had much snow until we arrived.  Today's activity was to clean the driveway, and Richard took his Ural out for a test drive.  He came back too soon for me to get set up to take a good picture.  lol.

 And to conclude the pictures---your two hosts of the blog.  Leinen and Artie.  How are they doing?  Well, it was a pretty long ride for them in the belly of the airplanes.  Each airplane we rode on gave us notes that the dogs were on board and doing fine.  They were quite anxious to get outside when we arrived in Fairbanks.  Leinen has been shivering in the snow, so he gets to wear a coat.  Artie loves the snow and wants to walk for miles.  When we were in Arizona he loved the shade.  Artie has sniffed out the neighborhood here and make sure every bush has his scent.  Artie likes the bigger living arrangements so he can run around more.  But he also likes the fenced in dog parks on our travels.
 So----how do I feel about being home? 
Pros---Catching up on doctor and dentist visits.  Seeing friends.  Better wifi.  I know my grocery stores, and I know where to find things.  Don't worry about snakes or spiders.  I can walk the dogs without stressing out that Leinen is going to start making a racket at another dog.  Snow is pretty.
Cons---I miss the warm sun.  No Pool or Hot tub here.  No fenced in dog park.  This house is much harder to clean.  I'm cold. 

I'm happy to be home to connect with friends and sons, travel to VA, have David and Alexa for Christmas, then I'll be happy to get back down to AZ. 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Hummingbirds and Cactus

Hello.  The main meat of today's post is of our visit to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.   I am going to first show pictures I took on our ride from Verde Valley RV to Valley Vista RV in Benson, AZ.

Lots and lots of cotton fields as we were leaving Coolidge, AZ. 

 One thing we've noticed about cities in Arizona, Nevada, and maybe Utah, is the artwork along the highway overpasses.  Here are two examples.  Sorry about the lighting through the truck window.

 The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.  I took a lot of pictures, there were also a lot of things I didn't take pictures of.  It is a MUST SEE place for everyone.  One of the top 10 museums in America according to Trip Advisor.  This car was at the entrance.  It was Studebaker Nash.  It belonged to a man who used it in the 50's to bring critters to schools.  Critters like snakes, spiders, birds.  He even had a cougar at one time.  This huge rock, and several others, were at the entrance. 

 The first exhibit was a small aquarium.  It had fish displayed that were native to rivers and lakes in Arizona, and some species that were endangered.  I don't think these are native, but they were cool.
 Especially these worm-like creatures that had their tails anchored in the ground and their heads up looking for food.  The eel in the next picture is called a snowflake eel.  I think he's rather good looking.
 This is my poor attempt at getting an interesting view of the Teddy Bear Cholla cactus.  I was taking it from ground level.  The next pic is the same plant from Bridget level.

 Oh, the butterflies!  Richard has a much nicer picture than I have,  he has a much nicer camera.  They were all over, especially in this garder specifically planted for butterflies.  This was right next to the building I really wanted to see. 

 The HUMMINGBIRD aviary!  I've been in butterfly ones, but this is my first hummingbird exclusive one.  It was hard to get pics.  So many flying around.  They would fly very close.

 The really nice part of this park is this is how it looks when you walk around.  All the cages and buildings were kind of hidden, so you walk through the desert to go from one place to another.  Very well done. 

 I did go to the regular aviary, and I was kind of disappointed.  Nothing interesting in there.  I saw 3 types of birds, and they were just like the ones I see regularly around here.  I was hoping for a road runner, actually.  I asked the lady at the gift shop how often she sees them.  She said "All the time!  But come to think of it, I haven't seen any since October 4."  So I took a pic of a tiny feather.
A otter below

 I like this picture best, so I enlarged it for your viewing pleasure.
 Richard was fascinated by the Palo Verde plant.  Or is it a tree?  Anyway, the bark is green.  This was it can get food through photosynthesis when it is very dry out. 

 Look-a rock collection.  Outside of this building was a spot where they had scattered small pieces of precious stones for people to pick up.  One per person!  I had a hard time choosing.  lol.
 This is the first time I've ever seen a sun block dispenser in a bathroom.  It was only about 70 when we were there, very comfortable.
 My lunch.  I had to choose the most expensive item on the menu due to my diet.  Well, I could have a salad, but who wants just a plain salad when you can have real meat?  Arugula with pickled onions.  Sweet potatoes.  And another potato or something that I can't remember the name.  YUM! 
 And back I went to the hummingbirds.  The one on the left has a red beak.  The one on the right is greenish.

 I believe this is the same hummingbird in the three pictures.  When he came out into the sun, he just glowed! 

 Need better camera when I come back.
 Here is a statue of a wild animal in Arizona that is similar to a hog or pig.  It is called a Javelina.  We saw a few of them sleeping in the shade.  Good-bye museum, hope to see you in January again.