Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day Ten Forced Relaxation

A friend of mine gave me that title.
It seems that no one goes and checks this post out on a daily basis except for a select few, unless I tell my friends to check it out on my facebook page.  Maybe they don't have it bookmarked and just remember when I post because it is easier that way.
I woke up early again today because the RV repairman was coming over at 8:00 to check and see how we were doing.  He gave us a refrigerator magnet.  We now have 2.  I like to collect refrigerator magnets of places we've been.  I should probably go for key chains again.  I'm just rambling.  Forced relaxation.
The highlight of today was Richard trying to explain to me voltage, amps, watts, and how they all work with the trailer.  I don't remember it being covered in school.  My brain just doesn't get it!  I may have to find a child's science site to figure all this out.  He measures how much solar is stored and used on an app he has.  This green line when it is straight shows that there is volt charge, absorption and float.  I can't figure out what is being absorbed, and why it is at its highest, then when the green line dips it is at its peak at float.  Makes NO sense!  voltage times amps equals watts.  Why do you need to multiply?  This is how much power is coming in, this is how much we are using, I just want to know those answers!  Is there anyone else out there that gets this?
Richard cooked dinner with chicken thighs cooked in onions and carrots, plus quinoa on the side.  I had Stevia Ginger Root beer.

The dogs wanted some, too

Look at that sad face on Artie.  They got some quinoa because I don't want them ingesting onions.  

I was busy looking up if onions were toxic (which they are either cooked or raw) to dogs Richard finished before me and started washing dishes.

Let's talk a little about housekeeping in the RV.  With only 2 of us we don't dirty many dishes.  The only breakable things we eat off of are 2 Corelle plates.  The drink ware is either plastic or metal.  The silverware is plastic picnic ware.  We have 3 kitchen towels-one is a hand towel in the bathroom.  The only 2 appliances Richard brought were the induction burner---love it!  Cooking without heating the trailer, and the rice cooker.  We have the microwave and one glass microwave bowl.  Cleaning small places is a sinch!  If any of you have been in my house, you know I'm a messy.  This place is easy to keep the clutter picked up and put away.  I love my Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner.  It hangs nicely in the corner and vacuums with ease.  Anyone needing a new vacuum I would recommend this.  
We also have a great thing called Berkey that filters the water.  It came highly recommended from other RV users, and may be kept set up when we get back to Fairbanks.  
The dogs are happy campers.  They talk me into walking them a lot.  When we get to the fenced in dog yard I let them loose to run.  They don't.  Maybe I should get them a ball.
Oh, I thought while stuck here I would go ahead and get caught up on all the state mandated videos I'm supposed to watch for the school district and state.  Well, there was a note saying the site was down from now until July 10 when they'll put out the new lists of videos.  Oh well, at least I tried.
It gets really dark here early.  8:30.  Dark.  
More tomorrow!  Richard came by and laughed and said, "Obsessed"  He actually thinks it is cool I'm doing this.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Here I am at Day 9.

Day 9, Redding California, still.  84 degrees-nice!

We woke up early because the RV guy was coming to check out all the problems.  If you want to find out the technical details go to Richard's post.  Just type Richard Machida in google and you'll find it.
As it turns out, the guy was very, very friendly and helpful.  All we needed was some extra strength stuff to pour down the toilet to flush out old crap.  Yup, stuff that has been there for years.  All valves and tanks working correctly!  Yeah!  He was nice enough to drive to the store and buy the chemicals, and a strap for our awning.  He also fixed our fold out steps so they don't wobble, and showed Richard how to open the awning with the new strap!  He'll be back tomorrow morning to see how the flushed out tanks are doing.
If you are ever planning on going RVing, check YouTubes for help on how to set up and go.  Richard is also now a wealth of knowledge.
I've been working hard at eating less sweets and walking more.  I had a bone scan done and to slow down or stop the onset of osteoporosis (thank you, spell check) I need to take Vit D-which I do-and I need to walk at a fast pace every day.  Walking the dogs is not considered fast pace because they stop and sniff too much.  I found out that twice around the park is one mile.  Here are some things I see walking around the park
Green, my favorite color

Only one morning glory along the fence

I am really proud of this picture.  I didn't know the bug was there when I took the picture.

Do you see waaaaay up this hill our camper?

I just noticed this patch of flowers today

Kind of pretty

I was thinking how our camper isn't in the shade, in the trees.  But I noticed there is a tree right beside it.  You can see which way the shadow is.  It isn't much help

We got the awning open!

This isn't a very pretty looking bush, but I wanted to show it to tell you all that when we are walking this is everywhere.  I think it is honey suckle----mmmm, smells really, really good.
The above picture was taken when Richard and I walked to the store and back.  Around 4 miles total.  We went to pick up the batteries he forgot yesterday.  With our new indoor/outdoor thermometer we can tell how hot it is inside.  The highest today was 77 degrees.  
We got news back from the dealer and the mechanic.  The person Richard talked to said the mechanic seems to think it is more than just a leak, and wants to take out the transmission.  Oh Dear.  He is trying now to get answers on if we are here for a day or a week or a month.  It is supposed to be REALLY hot this weekend.  TOO HOT.
The rest of today was spent with Richard cooking stroganoff for dinner.  We then listened to Pastor Mark's sermon from our church in Fairbanks, and then watched Dr. Strange.  I almost felt guilty watching a mystic movie about powers after the sermon.  At least I know God's power is greater than man's imagination.  Dr. Strange was all about changing time.  God did that several times in the Bible.  Once again, another story of good vs. evil, and good wins.  I even saw Stan Lee's cameo appearance. I really liked the humor in the movie.  
Well, let's see what tomorrow brings.  Good night all.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Day 8

Memorial Day.

Not much to blog except a little funny between Richard and I.  Last night around midnight I noticed he was still up.  He was googling RV repair places in Redding.  We had been having some issues with the tanks emptying.  He said the gage registered that one was almost full.  I really don't get the tanks and all......I asked him if that meant I can't shower, pee, wash hands, or do dishes.  I remember him affirming that.  Remember, it was midnight, I probably didn't have my hearing aides in, and he was distracted by the issue.  So I went through the day washing the dishes in the RV bathrooms sink, and doing my business there.  When I washed the dishes he wasn't here, so he didn't know I did that.  He also took a shower by the pool to stand in hot water for 5 minutes.  I thought he did that because we couldn't here.
So, after gathering up the dinner dishes and wondering how I was going to be able to carry all of that over to the bathrooms he told me that I could do the dishes here.
We do have someone coming to check out our valves and tanks tomorrow at 8AM.  So, ha ha ha, jokes on me.
There are only two pictures today.  Richard walked to the store today-2 miles round trip.  I didn't feel like walking that far in 95 degree heat.  We needed coffee and batteries for the indoor/outdoor thermometer.  He forgot the batteries, but did bring home avocado, sour cream, and hot sauce.  Burritos for dinner.
Today we did laundry.  We thought we had enough quarters, but we didn't, so a lot of the clothes were hung all around the RV to dry.  Artie is helping

Here is Richard taking advantage of the pool.  He said it was ice cold.  He would be in there for about a minute, then go sit in the sun.
Well, hopefully tomorrow we'll find out if we are leaving on Wednesday, or staying longer.  David called wondering if/when we were coming.  I have no clue.  For now, we are roasting in the camper, walking and Ubering around.  Actually, I think it is almost time to turn down the air.  The sun is setting.  Maybe tomorrow I'll spend time talking about gadgets and other fun things we have.

Day 7

Day 7.

These are peonies that I cut from Mom's (Ayako's) yard right when we left.  Two were just opening at that time.  Now they are big and pretty.  Thanks Brad and Brandy for waiting for me to cut them.

Today we went shopping for our big excursion.  We Ubered over to Trader Joe's.  The nicest thing about that place was the air conditioning!  Didn't buy anything because I didn't want to cart it all around.

Here is Richard walking in the heat towards Mt Shasta Mall.

I found this adorable purse in Sears.  They had this fabric in many styles of purses.  I sent pictures to my children saying they were on sale 40% off now at Sears-to think ahead and buy me one for Christmas or my birthday.  No response.  We hit several stores in the mall, but didn't get anything except light weight socks for me, and a sleeveless shirt that was about $6.00 at Old Navy.  I am shopping for a bathing suit since I left mine at home.  I hate trying on bathing suits.  I found one that was ok, and I should have bought it.  Our last shopping spot was Target.  We bought a clock, waste basket, indoor/outdoor thermometer (forgot batteries), small cutting board, 2 drinking glasses, small frying pan, stamps, 2 plates, and I think that's it.  We went to Olive Garden for dinner, then Ubered back to the RV.  I like that Olive Garden has calories listed.  I had a healthy 900 calorie chicken dinner with zucchini.  I could have ordered stuffed shells that was 1,900 calories!  I thought that since I did so well for dinner I could have the 180 calorie small dessert.  

While walking Artie kept stopping and licking his paw.  I found this burr in his paw.  Ouch!  

Yup, this is the clock we purchased.
Our evening was spent watching You Tubes of other RV travelers.  See you tomorrow!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day 6? almost a week.

Hello, Day 6, Redding California.

Today we got up bright and early.  Well, bright anyway.  Nice to know we didn't have to rush anywhere.  After walking the dogs and having breakfast we went to the  RV Park office to reserve the RV site until Wednesday.  This will hopefully be the longest we spend in any park.
Why do they always have pretty flowers in the dog walk area?  Bushes of these in pinks, reds, and in between.

Did a little geo-caching.  Doesn't this look like it is the geo-cache?  piles of rocks deliberately put in a cool pile.  Nope, but it was close by under a brick.
We didn't find one before this.  It was off a bike path and didn't have much of an explanation.  Said it was very easy.  We looked and looked, especially under rocks.  Richard didn't want to encounter ticks and snakes so he wan't much help.  

The view from the top of the path.  We were hiking down to the river.

I always like little flowers along the way.  They came in white, too.

I realize now I didn't take very good pictures of the sun dial bridge.  Richard did, you'll have to check out his blog.

There was a little amphitheater underneath were there was a singer, drummer, and guitar player.  The acoustics were incredible.  I asked Richard what he thought of the steel drum band playing under there.  He said it would be loud.

Lots of geese families

So after you go over the bridge there is a museum.  This is all a part of Turtle Bay Exploration Park.  I was a little disappointed.  The museum is nice, but quite small.  They had 2 water tanks with local fish.  They had small aquariums with this turtle, and usual stuff you find like snakes, salamanders, turtles, tarantulas......

Here you go!  I was freaked out by the blue scorpion.  I didn't even get close enough for a picture.  I never saw a blue one.  I've also never seen one in the wild.  I think I am more nervous of them than snakes.

They had a small display of mythical creatures with all the folklore that goes along.  There is also supposed to be a bigfoot living nearby.  This dragon was pretty cool looking.


Asian creature people wear and dance in for parades.

I thought this huge bird was pretty cool

This is just a beautiful piece of art.  He is made of wood.

The best part of the Turtle Bay Park was the animal show.  Richard got the better pictures.  This lady has a Raven.  As you can see, it is trained to put the rings on the child's toy.  It was pretty comical because it kept missing the top one, I think on purpose to keep it funny.  

There was a raccoon whose tail was missing, that's why it is in captivity.  It didn't want to go out in the sun to take the lid off the jar.  

This is a bob cat.  Beautiful creature.  There was also a porcupine that climbed very slowly down a tree trunk that is even with the lady in this picture.  There was a beautiful badger.  I don't think I've seen one before.  He did a great digging demonstration, and waved to the audience.  

Yes, they had birds flying over the crowds.  I'm rather proud of this picture.  A barn owl.  They had a vulture.  They had a very cute owl that runs along the forest floor, I don't remember the name.  Very Very cute, but I was too far away to get a good picture.

There was a butterfly exhibit, but I think this is a moth!


The nursery.

This little boy was sitting so still for the longest time.  What a well behaved kid.

This place seemed to be a mixture of Pioneer Park and Creamer's Field.  The old junk left behind was from when they built the Shasta Dam.  They were all covered in cobwebs, which made them even uglier.

There were a few critters in cages.  I was thrilled to see a kookaburra.

A library for donating books

This was the other part of the park, an arboretum.  Total disappointment.  What you see here is basically what the whole arboretum was with a few sculptures.  It was also deserted.  It reminded me of the Route 66 video we watched last night where a guy was going through abandoned buildings.  Was there a drop in funding?  A drop in personnel? 

We were at the end of the park away from the bridge and museum here.  There were some sculptures made of mosaics.  If you look close at this "animal" it has a kissy face-lips are puckered.

This was a beautiful mosaic bench.  The water fountains for drinking and gazing were not working.

This is a field that had some pretty local wildflowers, but doesn't look like anyone was paying attention to it.  There was a nursery there that showed signs of people working.  In all-a very curious place.  The museum, bridge, and animal park were busy, but not full.  Today was the first day of the season.
There was a part blocked off where a Sheraton was being built, and pictures of an awesome playground in the plans.  The playground even has some adult sized equipment coming like a sit down zip-line and climbing wall.  
We decided to Uber back.  Only about $5.00.  Richard was quite pleased with that.  Doggies were fine staying in the trailer for the 5 hours we were gone.  Glad to have air conditioning.
The picture below isn't Mt. Shasta, but it is a mountain and it is a pretty view.  The little car in the bottom shows how close we are to the highway.  

Thanks for reading.