Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day 28

Hello Day 28.  This morning we went into Cedar City, the historic downtown area, to see the sights advertised on the brochure.  It mentioned wonderful bronze statues, stores of antiques and cute shops.  I found 2 statues.  The book store was very cute-old furniture.  Piles of books as decorations.  Never saw antiques.  But we did find a farmer's market with about 6 tables.  One had everything apricot.  Richard bought fresh kale at one table.

We saw a store that looked like a grocery store.  There was another place a block away I wanted to see, but when we walked into the grocery store we sighed with the air conditioning.  So we ended up buying our groceries, then drove back to the campsite.  I spent time at the pool and got sunburned.  Ooops.  On one walk with the dogs there was a lot of commotion.  One boy was riding his bike with his dog on a leash.  Two golden retrievers ran out of their bus/motorhome chasing the boy's dog.  The dog got loose.  Leinen and Artie laughed to see such sport (Bark, Bark Bark, Bark) and someone's Boston Terrier got loose running towards A & L.  And someone with a different golden had their dog on a leash and just stood there quietly.  Wrong time to be walking without the squirt gun!  That is the best way to quiet Leinen

That evening I talked Richard into driving to Cedar Breaks National Monument.  The have "star parties" every Saturday night.
I was amazed at the fields we saw driving up.  It really shows a plateau!
But first, before we got on the plateau, I want to show you this cool hill.  Notice the red and white/gray stripes of dirt on the hillside.

We are at the top-close to 10,000 feet!

And there's snow!
Here is a small preview of what is coming up......

TA DA!  This is Cedar Breaks!  The smoke in the distance is from Brian Head.  As of the taking of this picture the town was  being evacuated and it had grown to 250 acres.  One house destroyed.  As of printing it is now up to 1,000 acres, and still only one house destroyed.  A few other structures were hurt, but only one destroyed.  It was man made.  Burning debris.  About 750 people fled the town.  The town has only 100 residents.

Just amazing.  Another where the pictures don't do it justice.
Friends in Alaska are familiar with this flower-the bluebell.  These are called Aspen Bluebell.  The scientific name is Mertensia arizonica Greene.  The Alaskan one is Mertensia paniculata or Tall Bluebell.

While Richard was off talking to some people about the fire I was exploring.  The soil looked a little odd to me.  I reached down to touch it, it was very cool, temperature wise.  Then I rolled it into a ball.  It was like clay.  cold and moist.

I'm trying to get the pictures more positioned on the page so there is less blank space.  Anyway, the above picture shows details of today's weather.  Very pleasant temperature.  The picture to the left that shows the elevation of where we were standing.  10,350 feet.
After we left Cedar Breaks I told Richard that I wanted to stop at a spot where the Bristlecone pines were mentioned.  They are trees that are around 1,700 years old.  I also found a geocache along the trail!

Notice how the branches hang over and curl up.  Really, really cool!

And from this vantage point you could also see Zion.

I'm tired, I have more pictures of flowers and birds, maybe another time.  


  1. Your pics of Cedar Break's rock formations reminded me of the ones in Bryce Canyon. Nice.

  2. Outstanding trip blog. But where are the namesakes.. I guess left in the camper with the AC going...