Friday, June 30, 2017

The day we went to Pike's Peak

Another day of riding side car.  What a great trip this was!  I was all prepared to be in the frozen wind going up 14,000 feet, but it was sunny, in the 50's and no wind.
We started here.  Last March Dom and Martha went in and it was $10.00 per vehicle.  This time it was $15.00 per person.  Unbelievable!
I was busy taking videos with the Go Pro, so I didn't take pictures on the way up.  So here is what I took at the top.

The tracks are from the tram ride you can take to the top.  It would have cost $40.00 each person, instead of $15.00 each person on the Ural.  The Ural was a lot of fun, and very relaxing!  No crowded seats, no screaming kids.
One reason why I wanted to go to the top of Pike's Peak is because right after Katherine Lee Bates took a trip to the top she wrote the song "America, the Beautiful."  There were some really nice plaques commemorating her, but nothing in the gift shop.  No shirt, book, poster.  Oh well.

I did my usual shopping, got 2 smashed pennies, a refrigerator magnet, a postcard for Dad, and a pin of a motorcycle engine that said "I rode the Peak."  We had "world famous" donuts there, too.  Here are some great pictures of the way down.

I'm almost getting the pictures and text spaced better.  We are very close to the top in these pictures.
This was an interesting view point.

 If I pull the pictures down, then they will have a better layout.

Here is a picture of the road we took, way below us.  I think all these next pictures were taken at the same place.  Dom would remember.  In this panorama Richard is on the left and Dom on the right.

 I wonder what Dom's pictures look like.  I think I should check his blog, meanwhile Martha stays put

Then a little lower we took a short trip off the paved road to a gravel road.  There I saw these flowers.  I don't see deep red flowers very often.  

The picture on the right is a close up of the left.  If you look close you can see the road zig zagging its way up the mountain.
Back in the tree line.  Below we see a car in disguise, a horse on a roof, and antler arch, and a dinosaur museum.  All courtesy of Woodland, CO.  

   And now I can't get my cursor to go to the bottom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  so I kept typing the space bar until I got down here.                                                           Now for just a few more pictures.  The dogs went for a ride!  There is a movie on facebook.  Leinen was to go first, but he puked into the sidecar.  I figured it was because of the way I picked him up.  
I love the look that Dom and Leinen are giving each other.
Artie just rested his head on the side car and enjoyed the ride.

Leinen started out a little nervous, but turned around and enjoyed the trip.
Here are both boys after their rides.  To the right is Auntie Martha who sat and rubbed them for a long time until they both fell asleep.  They miss you!

That's all that I'm putting in today.  I'm slowly getting caught up.  We have been on better wifi.  The last two days haven't been much for news since we've been traveling.  We are on the way to Glacier National Park.  We stopped at a KOA in Craig, Colorado last night, and tonight we are at our first WalMart.  We are in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  Richard came here many times when he worked for JPL.  There are around 17 RVs parked here and 7 semi trucks.  Our wifi is coming from Starbucks.  


  1. Great posting Bridget! I am "borrowing" the use of one of your photos for my posting of the same day....

  2. Beautiful pictures Bridget. Such a great time with Dom and Martha. It must seem quiet on the road now.