Friday, June 30, 2017

What day is this? Who's counting anyway. This is vacation.

Hello and welcome back.  We had an incredible time at Mueller State Park in Colorado for the last several days.  Everybody else could blog and had good wifi, but my devices weren't cooperating.  So when I had time I looked at my friend, Martha Chang's, scrapbooks.  I was especially interested in seeing the one from Italy.  She uses Shutterfly to create and print the books.  I am going to look into it, and start one now.
But before I start that I will do some catch up.
On June 25th we were parked across the street from the Rio Grande!  Yes that Rio Grande.

Cute birdhouse in the park.  This was a very dog friendly park.  When I was out walking around for the sunset everyone was out with their chihuahuas and cigarettes.  I ran into at least 3 people who had rescue dogs-the RV beside us had 5!  
The next day was Monday, June 26.  The day I finally get to meet Martha Chang.  Her husband, Dom, has been friends with Richard for many years.  Dom's motorcycle blog was the first blog that Richard read.  He has become friends with many people from the blogs and we meet up with some every once in awhile.  I first met Dom when he showed up at our house in the spring on a Ural.  Our house is always open (and now, Dom, we have a very nice spare room).  He ended up staying longer than planned because his Ural had broken down.  

Here's a picture of Artie, just cause.

There were lots of train cars parked on the RR tracks.  You'd see a bunch, then a few miles down the road there would be more.

Picture of what it looked like when we left.

This was exciting!  A real cattle drive.  A cop car had stopped all the traffic.

Yup-real cowboys, too!

Mueller State Park is beautiful!  The sites are very well laid out.  Martha had some dinner made and we all ate in the Machida trailer.  I was also able to meet their son, Patrick, who will soon be 20.  Ooops!  I have no pictures of him!  Sorry, Pat.  He probably is glad.  Everybody loved on the dogs.  When we were eating dinner a thunderstorm hit with lightening and hail.  We heard a very loud zap close by.  It had hit a motorhome.  We found out later that it knocked out all the power to the RV, and fried the computer.  They had to have it towed.  The zap had also knocked out power to several campsites, but with the flip of the switch, every body except that motorhome had power back.

Yes! We get to go riding.  Our carriage is "Fiona."  We go for a ride to find Canon City.  We drove up 10,000 mountains, down into plains, through little towns.  We found the Royal Gorge, a very big tourist trap, but cool looking bridge.  If you want to pay $21.00 to walk on it.  

I took this picture, and thought I'd try out black and white.  This train was there at the gorge.

These are our friends Ma
rtha and Dom Chang.  And of course, Richard.
Then we drove into town with the goal for lunch and to visit the prison museum.  Colorado has some pretty important prisons with some pretty well-known prisoners.  The museum was housed in an old prison for women.

Catty-Corner to this museum is a tower for the real museum.  We could hear announcements coming from their loud speakers.

This is the inside.  Every cell had a display.

For example, this is what you could find in the cell back when.

I was fascinated with item confiscated from the ladies as they were going in.  

This Mr. Coffee tried to smuggle in a gun.
They had a big display of knifes and picks and whatever, including weapons that had been used for murder.  
Here is a ladder made of copper pipe.

One project was making organs, plus they had use of other musical instruments.  

Ball and chain.
This picture shows how they would make the men walk.  They would all have to step together at the same time and keep their hands on shoulders, that way it was easy to see who was incorrect.  
And around the corner was this place-the real prison.  '
The next part of our day was going up Sky Line Drive  or Sky View   or you get the idea.  It was a special very narrow one way road you could ride along the edge of a hill.  
Here's Martha turned around backwards taking pictures for Dom.  The person in the side car is called the Monkey.
Here is a dinosaur print on the cliff.  Big time dinosaur country.

This is the view from the top of the drive, and here is Dom and Martha riding along just ahead of us.  You can see the narrow road and the drop down.  It was really fun!

When we stopped for gas we were right by a llama and alpaco farm.  There were hundreds!
Just a view of the side of the road.  I like rocks.
A friendly neighbor.
You know me and flower

We had dinner at an Irish Pub.  You can see my Hogan (maiden name) family crest.  The crest is above the Hogan name.  Yup, black shield and three circles.  I have no idea what it stands for, but I don't think it is very interesting, sorry, Dad.

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