Monday, July 31, 2017

Still having wifi issues.

Hello everyone and thanks for the kind words.  We are at an RV park that Richard stopped at before.  He said their wifi was very good.  Well, now they've posted Don't use the wifi for anything!   Well, we can check our email.  This is my email.
My last blog I had quit suddenly.  Actually the post quit suddenly.  I had added more pictures and talked all about how much fun I had shopping when it exited me and lost 30 minutes of work.  So I went to bed.
Due to the wifi warnings I am just posting one picture today.  More next time we have wifi.  I took this at the Visitors Center at the start of the Alaska highway.
See you later!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Long time, no type!

Hello to all my fans out there.  I have discovered and I am humbled that there are many people reading my blog than I thought.  A shout out to Tim, Richard's friend who told Richard he was wondering why I stopped.  I understand you are on the Chillcoot Trail?  Wow, that is really bad spelling.  Off to check Google.........Chilkoot.  Got it.
I'm going to jump to today, them go back in time.  We are a little ways past Ft. St. John on the Alaska Highway.  We have pretty good wifi here.  The last month was spent at places with no wifi, bad wifi, or with friends and family.  When I'm with people I usually don't take time to write.  
So where was I after SLC?  Ah, yes, the tire explosion.  You probably remember the panic prayer request on face book.  

This was my leaving SLC pic.  Not much to see since the park was out of town.  I just looked back at my pictures.  I didn't take any of this RV park, and it was a real nice one.  Pony Express RV park.  Nice dog fenced in area.  The lots were a little too close together.  I almost had to step on the neighbor to get in the truck.  Shortly after we got on the road the alarm went off on the tire gage.  We had a leaky valve.  We sat at the side of a back road while Richard pumped air into the tire with his mini air pump.  If you ever get one, make sure it will reach!  We got back on the road heading towards the nearest Les Schwab where they fixed the tire for free.  Mr and the doggies sat in the shade.  

This was near where we first pulled off.  Cool tower.
The nose prints show how much Leiden looks out the window.
Idaho.  Oops, missed the sign again.  
Well, I did get this sign.

Nice view

Then the alarm goes off, we start slowing down to pull over then
This happened
You can see tire pieces on the steps and black on the trailer.
It was 106 degrees outside.  I was concerned for Richard, but he was fine.  We were going to Crater Lake, hoping to put in many miles that day.  Richard wanted to get as far as Oregon.  Well, just 5 miles before we got to Oregon I saw an A & W restaurant with an RV park behind it.  I was so hungry I told him we were stopping there.  It was maybe 7:00.  It was about a 2 star RV park.  There was one trailer there that looked like it had been there awhile.  It had power, but no water.  That was ok because all we needed was air conditioning.  It was only $20.00.  We had dinner, and I felt better.  Three more RV's came in that night.  
The next day I thought about the one tire explosion.  I thought they were all going to go bad because they were the same age.  I didn't realize they were only three years old.  I told Richard I'd feel better if we skipped Crater Lake and just got all new tires.  He agreed.  We called our friends we were to meet in CL and cancelled our reservation.  We thought they were going to stay there the three nights with us.  What I didn't know was that they weren't staying, they were just going to visit for one day.  Anyway, they said just come and park at our house, we have full hook up for an RV.  Water, sewer, power......well, I'm getting a little ahead.  Back to pictures.

Dom, here's a sunset.  This was from the RV park.  You can see the pumps for the gas station on the upper left.  The picture below is the park in the morning after more came in at night. 

I missed the Welcome sign, but I got this.  Utah is the state with the most and best roadside/bridge artwork.

Oregon farming.  I just noticed our shadow.
This is a close up.  I believe this is a cinder cone.  Little did I know at the time of this picture how much I'd learn about volcanoes in Oregon.  We arrived at Sunriver, OR where our friends, Ginny and Dave Streeter live.  We told them we were going to be there at 1:30.  Oops, we got there at 12:30 forgetting the time change.  They live in a little house in the woods.  We went for a short drive, then short stroll to these falls.  The doggies really liked it.

I'm rather proud of the clarity of the picture below.  
This is Dave.  I've know Ginny from 1984.  She and I were roommates in Fairbanks.  One of those friends that I can go months not talking to her, but as soon as we are together we pick right up where we left off.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Hello, I'm back with Day 2 of our visit to SLC.  On this day, Martha and I decided to go on our own to see what we could see.  We had plans to go shopping, but that didn't happen.  Instead, we learned more about the Mormons.  We spent the whole time in the Temple Square area.  All the guides around were young ladies with name tags that mentioned which country they were from.  It was enjoyable going with Martha because she had the best questions.  We found out that they work at Temple Square for a certain time as a part of their mission.  Each girl for a foreign country is matched with an American.  They had young men also doing it,but stopped it because the tourists were more afraid of them because they looked like guards.  The Temple Square included the Temple, Tabernacle, a few museums, a few more church like buildings and lots of flowers and statues. Every bride had their Book of Mormon clutched in their hands.  Free books were everywhere.  They all looked the same.  You go to my church and you see big Bibles, little Bibles, and all colors of colors.  
This is the temple.  Martha was hoping to see brides coming out,but it was closed for the yearly renovations.  We were able to see a cut out of the inside.  This is not where Mormons go for worship.  It is made up of several rooms.  I hear that all the temples have these rooms.  If I have the facts wrong, I apologize, this is just what I remember.  There is a room where one goes to have classes on creation.  There are several other rooms where you go for certain classes.  There is a "celestial" room.  This room is decorated with white furniture.  It is said in this room you can feel like you are close to heaven.  Hmmm.  You also need to wear certain white clothes to enter the temple.  It seems to me to be based on a lot of man made traditions and rules.  
At the top of the temple is a gold statue of Moroni, the angle that visited Joseph Smith. This is a reflection of the temple in water.

Here is their statue of Jesus.  It is in a room with benches where you can sit and contemplate.  There are the young missionary girls waiting to talk.  I think there was a recording also, but we didn't stay to listen.  This building also had displays from the Bible, and Joseph Smith's revelation.
We then popped into the tabernacle.  This isn't where we saw the choir rehearsal.  That was in the Convention Center across the street.  The tabernacle wouldn't have been able to have the orchestra.  There's 140 singers in the choir.  There are strict rules and try outs to be in the choir, and it is only for a certain number of years, or until a certain age to keep the seniors out when their voices start to go, so we were told.

We were to return later for an organ concert.
Some of the beautiful flowers the have planted.

Does anyone know what kind these are?  
One of the stories from the exodus into the SLC area is about the first crops that were planted.  It all looked good until the grasshoppers came and started eating the crops.  All was well when seagulls came and ate the grasshoppers.  There are many statues of seagulls in SLC.  
I don't remember what this building was, but it is in Temple Square. The inside was like a church and it had its own organ too.  I'm being paged for lunch........ 
I am going to finish this now.  I already mentioned I like fountains.  This was in the shopping area across the street from Temple Square.  Martha and I popped in here to have lunch.  We were going to shop, too, but it was too hot.

This was in a museum that had history of the Temple.  There was a beautiful display of furniture and architecture from the Temple.  This chair once sat in the temple.  I like the back.
I have seen big churches all over the country.  My first impression of the temple was that I thought it quite small.  Then reading into the history of it I am impressed this building was built in the 1800's.  As a building it is impressive, but as a temple where God dwells, I don't' think so.  When Jesus died on the cross the veil in the temple tore in two allowing man's access to God everywhere, not just in a building.  

More beauty.  My take from this visit.  I am not a Mormon hater, I just want to share my life mpressions and beliefs.  From the outside I can see how their church looks so inviting.  The grounds are beautiful.  The scriptures posted all around are hopeful, joyful, uplifting.  They don't believe in Hell.  Everyone wins at the end.  We went into their bookstore.  Looks like any old Christian book store I've been in, but suddenly I figured out what was blantantly different.  There were no crosses.  No salvation message.  I'm sure things were tough when they moved to SLC area and started farming.  There were trials and tribulations, their leader was murdered.  It is all a mystery.  Anyway I believe what I believe.  

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Trip To Salt Lake City

Remember our friends in Colorado we went Uraling with?  We met Dom and Martha again in Salt Lake City.  Richard was there to attend a BMW MOA rally.  Dom and Martha had been visiting friends and RVing.  I was just along for the ride, I guess.  Martha and I had planned at first to go shopping, but out plans changed and became educational.  Martha found us a tour bus to take around the city showing historical places ending with hearing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsing.  
The picture above was our first stop.  This is Union Station.  Walt Disney liked it so much he designed the RR station in Disneyland after this.
Below you see the converted trolly e went around the city in.

You will find Salt Lake City full of statues, fountains and flowers.

Of course, Brigham Young is everywhere.
Utah is the bee hive state.  BY's house had a bee hive on top.  He said he thought of everyone as worker bees working together.  Someone joked that he was the Queen Bee.  In a way, yes.
This was the other part of the house, called the Lion  House.  The had a very good buffet in the bottom floor of this house that had very tasty food for a great price.
This arch way looks odd and out of place where it is in the city, especially with that traffic light.  It was the gateway to BY's farm.  Now it is the gateway to the capital.
Our tour guide talked about the other churches built after the temple and the competing architecture and stained glass.  The one above is the Catholic Church.

These two are of the Presbyterian Church.  Their window was designed and made by Mr. Tiffany.
This monument signifies the faith of the Mormon's as they entered their "Promised Land"
I totally forget who lived here, but I still love this house.
I took this picture to remember the date the college was founded.  It's pretty old.

This is the name of the very successful copper mine in SLC.  I'm going to research how this is related to the one in Alaska.
The skyline.  The natives had a name for this smoky haze in the distance.
This is not a statue of BY.  Like I said, there were a lot of statues in SLC
Camp Douglas

Somewhere in here they have Sadam Houssein's clothes.  
Here is another picture of the Lion House.  The flowers were amazing.  The sign points to the fabulous restaurant.

Here is the bee hive church again.  You can see where the gate to the farm is located.
This is up the hill in the city.  This is an original Pony Express cabin.  The statue below shows two riders exchanging the mail.

We make it to the capital.  The Utah capital was much prettier than the Montana one.  Makes me want to go to Juneau and see our capital.  There is lots of beautiful marble inside.  There was a wedding going on in the rotunda.  This lion's name is Integrity.

As the story goes, the mural at the top of the steps shows Brigham Young and his wife right as they arrived.  She is known to have said "I have traveled a thousand miles to get here, I'll travel a thousand more to go somewhere better."  Well, that is similar to what the tour guide said, but I haven't been able to confirm it.

Utah, the Beehive State 
There are statues of Brigham Young all over SLC.  He didn't look like this the day he arrived.  He was sick in a wagon.  
Here is part of our little tour group, can you find our guide?

Martha Chang and our guide.

Look at the face in the marble.  Our guide said something funny about this face and a politician from back then, but I don't know what it was, but the face is creepy.

This was down in a little valley.  It has war memorials.  I thought it was pretty.
Here are memorials at a visitor 's center.  We saw a movie about the Mormons arriving.  It showed BY arriving in a wagon.
The big quote that you see all over is, "This is the place."
Our guide mentioned that if they had gone further like the wife wanted, the they would have been in Golden California.

Here is the tower that held the Olympic flame.

I am ending this blog with the pictures of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal for a big production.  Their guest singer was Alex Boye was their guest.  You can look up the concert on You Tube.  
This has been enough for this blog.  Part one of SLC