Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Amber waves of grain, and a fruited plain.

I have been trying to get pictures to go with the lyrics to " America the Beautiful" to make a slide show for school.  You'll see a couple in this post.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like birds.  I have a room decorated in a bird theme.  So when I found these shirts I had a hard time deciding which one to purchase.  So I bought both.  I also liked the bat shirt and raptor shirt, but I didn't get those.
Where did we stay last night?  At a Casino.  They have inexpensive full hook ups and inexpensive meals.

Here is the exit picture as we leave.  Idaho potatos.  
Amber waves of grain
Here's the fruited plain.  This was taken in Utah after I missed the welcome sign.  Again.  
Here are the boys on today's grand adventure.  Artie's makes me laugh.
We are at an RV park in Ogden, Utah.  It is 89 degrees and I just got back from the pool.  Spaghetti for dinner tonight.


  1. Love the t shirts...I've not seen that style involving birds...I've got several of the "advice from a..." (waterfall, moose) in postcard style...but never seen the t shirt style

  2. The dogs don't look too amused. Their facial expressions remind me of Waldorf and Statler ;-)