Sunday, July 9, 2017

Grrrrrr....frustrated sigh.

So, I added about 12 pictures and some text.  Everything was going along quickly until I mentioned in the blog that everything was going along quickly when this app shut itself off and erased all my work.  Yes, this app goes much faster for putting in pictures.  Now I'm going to be posting and saving every 5 pics!  Ok, here's where I am.  Again.

The left picture is the lake on j the east side of Glacier Park.  The right picture shows an up close shot of Goose Island.

Do you remember the post wondering what the animal was coming in and out of holes at the RV park?  This explains it.  I've mentioned about the rock walls.  Here is part of a wall at the Visitors Center.  The orange stuff is lichen.  Notice the color of the rock.  It is really that color.  I'd love to have some of that to build a fence in Fairbanks.  I am collecting rocks along the way, but none from National or State parks.

,and flowers 
These are yellow columbine.  The rose above has a lady bug.

Trying out a new angle.

Went drove back on the same road we came in on.  Right around the bend of Logan's Pass was Mr. Mountain Goat.  Then at the next corner were these Big horn sheep.  

Below is a nice picture of a waterfall and big white flowers they were really only about the size of my fist.  If you look closely you will find a man in orange.  It looks like the flowers are as big as he is.  The name of these plants are beargrass.

For some reason I can't type under these pics.  The last two pictures have connections with home.  Fireweed and bowls made by the Great Alaskan Bowl Company.  Yup, the back said so.  I will post this, then start another.

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