Sunday, July 9, 2017

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Goodbye Glacier National Park.  This is the we are leaving, or exit picture.  
I have an app on my phone called Roadside.  This app will tell you of any unusual sites along the way, such as the world's largest boot or a white buffalo.  Well, here is a giant cow I found on the app right beside a gas station.  There is on spot somewhere near deer lodge that has an elephant buried.  The elephant was struck by lightning at that spot, so they buried him there.  Our next stop was at Annie and Kevin's house.  This is a couple that Richard knew from the university.  After talking Annie and I found out we had many friends in common.  
They moved to Montana about 6 years ago.  We stood out on their lovely deck and Annie pointed out where all the animals lived.  Starting on the left is a family of feral cats.  A mom, her daughter, and each has 2 kittens.  A little further away is a pair of hawks and their babies.  Down in the willows is a fawn and mother deer.  Way back there is the cranes and their babies.  Oh, off to the right is a den with a family of foxes.  Sometimes the neighbor will put his buffalo in the pasture behind the railroad tracks.  Next door neighbors on the other side had their menagerie,too with 7 dogs, chickens, turkeys, a couple of cows, and a couple of horses. 
My friend, Dom almost daily posts a sunset with his aural in the foreground.  Kevin didn't bring his bikes out for the photo so Richard suggested I use the flamingo.

This didn't turn out too bad
This pic below is facing the other way.
Neighbors on one side.

Neighbors on the other 
I leave you with this.

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  1. Definitely no HOA where those folks live! I like it.

    Ural not Aural. I liked the Flamingo in the sunset's foreground.