Monday, July 10, 2017

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park.

This is the first campsite where we had no power, no water.  No power meant no air conditioning.  No water because for some reason we ran out earlier than usual.  Semi-good wifi.  And I discovered this app to make things go faster.  On our first day we stopped at what I would call the welcome center.  The campground was across the field from this building.  Drives a few miles up the mountain to get to the visitors center, store, snack shop, and place to buy tickets for the tour.  I got my smashed penny, and Richard got a huckleberry slushee.
The rest of the day we spent in the RV where it was 95 degrees in and out.  We were just puddles for the rest of the day.
We had three deer stop by
This was the sunset.  The person in the pic is taking pictures of the deer.
It seems that every campground in the west has a tipi.  That's how they spell it.
The dogs really enjoyed walking around the park.  We just had to stay out of the tall grass, that's where the snakes are.
On our second day at he oak we took the tour of the Caverns.  We had to walk 3/4 of a mile uphill to get to the opening.  Richard did his usual charge ahead of the whole pack while I took pictures along the way. 

The view of the valley
Richard is at the beginning, but his shirt blends in
I captured a butterfly on a thistle!
Another view of the valley, this time with the river.
I was interrupted by the dogs who needed some play time.  The next pictures are in the Caverns.  Richard's blog most likely has more details on what the guide had to say.  Next time I go on a tour and there are noisy babies I will ask for a hearing device.  When a mom keeps saying, shhh, shhhh and the kid keeps making noise, there is a problem.
yes, we went down
There were some narrow passages.  This one we had to slide down.

These are taken without flash.

You can see more of the tight spaces.

Our front and back yards this morning.
There were so many birds here.  I sat out for awhile hoping to get some pictures.  The robins were the only ones who cooperated.  The one on the ground was taken without a zoom lens.
This one might get framed.


  1. Nice color on that sunset pic! The cavern tour looks interesting....though caves don't tend to hold much interest for me. How come Richard didn't run the generators for AC? No fuel reserves?

    1. You can ask Richard that question. Maybe it would have been too noisy for the campground? Maybe they didn't allow it? I just asked him. He is very careful to not do the wrong thing. He said he didn't hear any other generators, so he didn't.

    2. As I understand the etiquette, running the gen is OK during daytime hours but after 8am and stop before 10pm. So unless there's signage.....

  2. Great pictures of the caverns and birds. I am intrigued by Richard's huckleberry slushy though. Sounds refreshing, but sweet.

  3. Although I have limited tolerance for confined spaces such as caverns, I am totally fascinated by them. Sliding down narrow passages... phew, my claustrophobia just kicked in...