Wednesday, July 12, 2017

No picture day.

I'm hot, tired, and grumpy.  Today was errands day starting with taking my right hearing aide (they call it a hearing device or instrument, like the difference between being hard of hearing and hearing impaired) to be checked out.  As it turns out, a connector wasn't connecting, but Chris at Audibel got it fixed.  I asked him to clean out my left one, so he did and returned it.  I could tell right away something was wrong, but I thought it was because the right ear was suddenly able to hear.  We left.  I called them back within 15 minutes and made an appointment for later in the afternoon.

We then moved the RV from Ogden 30 or so minutes away to Pony Express.  The lots are very close together, but there is nice grass for the dogs, and a nice fenced in area where they can go leash free.

The next stop was the Genius Bar to have my computer looked at.  Here is Richard's explanation.  Yes, I stole this from his Blog
We had a number of errands to run including taking Bridget’s laptop to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. The genius was pretty good and identified the problem as some water getting onto the logic board. We could have sent it in for a new logic board ($750) or use a larger power supply ($0). We took the free option and he replaced the 45W power supply with an 85W version. I’d call that pretty good customer service.

Since there was a PetCo right across the parking lot we went there and bought dog food.

We stopped at Camping World to replace some parts that were wearing out.  

We went back to Audibel for Chris to look at my left hearing device.  He noticed it didn't have enough power.  He looked it all over and decided the best thing was to send it to the factory.  So earlier today I couldn't hear out of my right ear, now I can't hear out of my left ear.  

We picked up a light cover for the back of the truck and we are back here.  It is real tight parking here.  Richard backed the truck into the hitch and broke the light.  The only reason I'm mentioning this is to tell you that Artie was quite startled (we were inside the RV) and pushed Leinen out of the way to get in my lap.  This blog is for them, after all.  They are sacked out on the floor in this heat ignoring that Richard is about to get dinner.  82 degrees inside.  Makes me sleepy.


  1. Hope you got your hearing aides sorted out. I can imagine it is a pain when they aren't working correctly. Have fun at the rally.

  2. If its not one thing, its another isn't it? Still, a first world problem of sorts....I continue my slow search for more comfortable aids...