Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Another Harvest Host

This time we are north of Spokane, at a farm.  It was fun for someone with a camera like me.  We arrived after their store was closed, but they left they gate open for us.  They said look for the two steam boilers.  One is white and on is brown.  There was also a patch of Christmas trees.
We parked in the field beside these.
There was also this big pumpkin patch.
Look at all the blossoms!
The view if you're a grasshopper.
Past season strawberry field.
The sunflower restaurant.
Waking up.
This one has the sun directly behind it.
The sunflower field.  Where there we no sunflowers there were strawberries.
 Our neighbor 
There were a lot of golf balls in our field.
This was in the sunflower field.  I didn't pick it because we hadn't talked to the hosts, yet.
The next morning we went to the little store.  It is expected when you stay at a Harvest Host to purchase something if they had a store.  They had a pretty well stocked store with the usual jams and jellies, honey, dried fruit and nuts, wine tasting, ice cream, knock knacks, and a big freezer full of pies.  We bought a huckleberry peach pie.  This farm was way off the beaten track, so I asked the about their business and do they get any visitors.  She said they can have up to ten thousand a weekend in the fall with their apples and pumpkins.
One of the pumpkin patches.
The neighbors across the street.  Looks like they must be wheat farmers.  More amber waves of grain!  Well, at least it is grain, it wasn't waving.

The sunset made it look amber.
But this isn't a bad picture of grain growing.  Now to find a you tube of it harvesting.  I wonder how many of my students know how flour is made.
The. Sun was about to set and the clouds promised color so I walked up the road to get a good shot.  It was uphill and I thought at the top I'd have a view.  Nope, just trees.  So I walked back to the trailer and took the picture below
Sorry, Dom, nothing good in the foreground.
On someone's mailbox.
Fireweed at sunset.
Wheat at sunset.
Wheat at sunrise 
Christmas trees and pumpkins.
Just yesterday I saw a recipe for pumpkin blossoms.
Who wants to go for a ride with us?  This is the store.

As you can see, it's a community of farms.  The exit picture.


  1. Good sunset pics Bridget....you're getting the idea. Those partridges on the mailbox made for a good foreground frame....good eye.

  2. Awesome photos Bridget. I am loving all the flowers and nature pics.