Saturday, August 12, 2017


Hello, it is a Saturday night and I'm sitting here in Fairbanks enjoying our wonderful weather.  It is said that this summer was one of the best ever.  Just enough rain, and usually at night.  Very few-almost non-existent mosquitos.  No smoke.  The fireweed hasn't gotten to the top of the flowers, yet, so more time until winter.
Back to the blog.  We left Washington state and headed for Montana.  The fires were severe in British Columbia, so we headed east to go north.  I have probably already told you this info.  I once again missed the welcome sign into Idaho, but got a picture of this bridge for you.
I just uploaded pictures.  What took me up to 45 minutes on the trip took about 2 minutes here at home.  hmmmm.
Coeur d'Alene lake.  This was very beautiful.  I was trying to take pictures through the truck windows.  Maybe we'll stop and explore some day.

The mountain and trees in northern Idaho.  Much prettier than southern Idaho.
Welcome to Montana!

Welcome to forest fire!  There was a big one burning in Western Montana when we drove through.  Not having good wifi I couldn't check the news to see where it was.  I was afraid we would find it smokey all through the state, then north, but that was not the case.  Just this 20 miles or so, then it was over.  No more the whole rest of the trip.

Yes, a train.

This is Missoula.  I took the picture to mention to you all how many RV rentals and sales there were on the out skirts of many towns in the west.  I didn't realize the picture had a great view of the big smoke cloud like this one.

We made it back to our friends, the Huddy's, house in Helena for one more night.  

It is so good to have great friends to visit along our way.  Artie and Leinen always like going into houses and visiting.  Especially if there is a cat to scare.  Just Kidding.  They have good cat manners, they pretty much ignore them.
Here are a couple of interesting Montana pictures before we leave the country.

We were distracted going through customs.  I learned that if I have treats and the water spray bottle for Leinen he doesn't go barky-crazy on me.  We had all the papers in order and we went through quickly.  All you need for traveling through countries is a recent health certificate per dog, and proof of rabies vaccine
Some things didn't make the trip well.  Poor butterfly.
I enjoyed looking at all the farms and farm buildings going through Alberta.

A smiling barn

I got this picture!  Even though it is for a town, lol.

That night we stay in Leduc, Alberta.  It was run by the Lions.  Best doggie park.  Perfect size.  A table to sit at.  Places boys can lift their legs.  Grass.

Perfect fencing.

Flowers and playground.

They usually do their business, then head to the door.  

Warning!  The only wifi here, though, was at the main office.  I did use it to call Dad to let him know we were in Canada.

That night there was a thunder storm.  Artie gets nervous during storms and fireworks.  The pictures above were taken during the storm.  Leinen had calmed down and was sleeping on the floor.  The storm seemed over and I was thinking about going to bed.  BOOM!  Leinen was back in my lap.  
Leinen seems a much happier dog in the morning, Artie seems a little dazed.

The field across the RV park.

The RV park sign.

This is the closest we got to the mall.

Advertised for many miles as having the best bathroom.  It did look very clean and pretty.

Later we found another place claiming the best bathroom.  The two had been winners different years.  Look at the old RV in the above picture.

A black petunia.
I can't believe how fast this blogging is going.  It is taking basically no time to upload pictures and publish.  In the camper I would start the uploading, then go do something else for an hour.  So I guess I have only 2 complaints about the trip.  1) the heat.  That is easy to fix-don't travel in the summer.  2) the bad wifi.  Not easy to fix.  I'll just have to deal with it.

This is in Whitecourt, Alberta.  The three major industries are forestry, oil and gas, and tourism.   Here is one of the large plants.

Well, I'm going to take a break right now.  We'll go to British Columbia tomorrow.


  1. Great set of pics Bridget....I need to explore Montana more I think.