Sunday, August 6, 2017

The beginning of the end

Well, the Reunion is over.  Now it is time to head to Alaska.  But, wait!  There are more adventures coming!  
Leaving Corbett, OR.  The exit picture.
A picture of me taking a picture!  Have I mentioned I like trains?
Someone wants to get in my lap.
The beautiful Oregon coast.
He's still trying to get in my lap.  He's trying a cuter expression.
The coast with water this time.
One of the many dams along the Columbia River 
Hundreds of wind turbines.
Great artwork 
We saw fields and fields of crops, then this one of neatly planted trees all in a row.  The seemed too tall for transplanting.
Someone help me out, please.  What were these tents in the field for?
Welcome to Washington.  All those power lines were with this dam.

I liked the flag on the bridge.
It is amazing how much faster my posting is now that I'm home.
More tomorrow about the farm.


  1. I'm guessing the tents are to keep the rain off the harvested rolls/blocks of hay? They rot faster when wet.

  2. I can't tell you what the tents in the field are for but the large groves of poplar trees were planted to use for fiberboard and paper manufacturing years ago then the market tanked and there are still several groves around the state. The one down the gorge you took a picture of they are wanting to tear down and build a huge cattle feedlot on. Sad.