Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Williamson Provincial Park and Dawson Creek

Continuing the blog.....didn't see very much construction, but here is some....

Driving in the middle of nowhere we would suddenly see these lite up signs that change messages.  This one said for motorcycles to be careful.  They also would warn about wildlife.

This was near Whitecourt.  I'm using pictures from both my iPhone camera and my digital Canon.  I think the dates and times were off because when Photos puts them into chronological order there would be groups mixed up.

Leinen sleeping in the truck.  The cover you see was water proof and became very handy when we were in places that had a lot of dirt, expecially wet dirt.

At one of the camp sites I tried to see how the boys would do sitting outside in their little fence/pen.  I had seen other dogs in other places relaxing.  I don't think they liked it much.  The mosquitos started to annoy me so we weren't out there for very long.  Some places had little beds or pads for their dogs in their fences.  So here they are.  I don't think I've mentioned their harnesses.  You can see there are handles on them.  It helped us grab them when they would slip going into the truck.  It also would have helped if there was a fire and we needed to grab them quick, thank goodness we didn't have that happen.  

We were at the Provintial Park at Peace River
This is Peace River.

We had fun with this sign.  At another park it was only 5 minutes.  

The playground.  

Richard showing off the mosquito repellent.

These pictures were from leaving the campsite.  The yellowish/green is another picture of saffron growing.  This part of Alberta and on into BC had fields and fields of yellow.  The next night was Williamson Provincial Park.  It was next to beautiful Williamson Lake.  The night we arrived there were people swimming and boating.  I took these pictures in the morning while I was walking the dogs.  No dogs allowed on beach.

And now for my welcome to BC pic.  At least I kind of caught the sign......All watercraft must report.........

At the start of the Alaska highway.  Oops, I didn't get a picture of the official sign, but I did get a picture of the statue pointing which way to go!

This is the grain elevator turned into artist's studio that is at the park for the start of the Alaska highway.  Below you will find pics of the flowers growing around.

This building hosted the information center, a few BC souvenirs, and a museum.  I started wandering through the museum until Richard came in and told me it cost $5.00.  Didn't have Canadian with me so I embarrassingly left.

What's a trip to Canada without a visit to Tim Hortons?
This is looking out across the hill right before you go down and cross the river into Teslin.

This RV park I voted as having the best showers in the whole trip.  I only showered outside of the fifth wheel two times.  The park is owned by a German family.  The father designed and built the showers in the European style.  Here are pictures of the bathroom:

No curtain, just a wall.  I hate curtains.  Wall was taller than me, and was a great shelf for holding shower supplies.  

Inside the shower

Now I want a German bathroom.  Got another blog under my belt.  More another night.....


  1. yep, your dogs live a rough life....

  2. The yellow is canola. Alberta used to have signs that said Rapeseed (canola) capital of the world, but they took most of them down because of the name. Times change and the word 'rapeseed' isn't as acceptable anymore.

    Loving all the flower pictures. So bright and pretty.