Monday, October 8, 2018

Sand dunes, sun set, trees, green bridges, and another light house. And Leinen vs. the ocean.

We have moved on to our next stop.  One night here at a KOA in Langlois, OR.  Still on the coast.  Weather this morning seemed rainy to us, but I realized it isn't called rain here, it is called fog.  What is a light drizzle in Fairbanks is called fog in Oregon.  Let's go back to Saturday, a very sunny day in Florence.

It isn't as easy for me to send a blog than Richard.  He has magic on his devices and gets it done quickly.  I like typing much better on my laptop, so I have to transfer pictures over from my phone.  Yes, it is supposed to do it automatically, but for some reason it takes it a day, even then, pics from 3 days ago haven't moved over.  Must have something to do with slow, or lack of wifi.  Ok now, my pictures should be in Photo ready to edit.  67 may be too many, I'll have to make decisions......ooops, I have to turn on the wifi on my phone again.

The pictures aren't here!  It is 6:31.  Let's see how long it takes for everything to sort itself out.

Time to turn on an audio book and crochet........nope, my bad.  They were in downloads.......geesh, how many times have I done this?  OK, so I picked my pictures, then tried to slide them into a folder that would import them here.  Only 3 went over for some reason.  Two are pictures that Richard took yesterday when I didn't have my phone for pics.  We decided to take Artie and Leinen to the beach.  Their first trip.  I kept the pictures small because when I enlarged them they got blurry.  Click on them to see them bigger.  The first pic is going down the stairs to the water.  They were pretty excited.  We had the longer leashes on them.  Richard ended up taking Artie.  Leinen kept barking and barking at the water.  It was hilarious.  It didn't seem that bothersome, the barking, because of the ocean water sound.  Then I walked him closer.  In the second pic he was attacking the waves.  It's hard to see.  I haven't laughed that much in a long time.


I'm going to check on the status of the other pictures loading up.  hmmm.  The first three pics I was able to slide over to the folder.  Now I had to send them as an export.  Come on, Apple.

OK, everything is locked up.  Closing things down and starting over.   Maybe see you tomorrow.

I'm back.  Things could be sorted out ok.  Let's try it.  Friday was a very rainy day, however, Saturday was beautiful!  Let's go for a buggy ride on the dunes!  There were two choices.  A short, fast, expensive way, or the long, slow, cheaper and more scenic way.  We chose the latter.  Here is our chariot.  While we were waiting for the driver Richard pulled out a small tri-pod he had for the camera.  The three legs fold together and are inserted and screwed into the top.  He's had it about 40 years! 

 The first part of the trip was going from the business office to the dunes.  A small, very small trip on 101 at the beginning.  And then, the dunes!  What a blast!

 I was in the second row, on the inside, not the best place for pictures.  Sorry about the heads.  The first pic, the longer one, shows miles and miles of dunes.  I had no idea.  The second pic is of someone camping out on the sand.  Just drive on out, park, and play all day.

What you didn't know is I had to move pics over to my folder to move to here.  It takes about 30 minutes.  Due to all the other issues I've had today I have had to do it twice, so that's been an hour.  Maybe there is a better way.  Back to the dune buggy time.  Above you can see us going through a trail.  They planted European Beach grass to try to prevent erosion about 60 or so years ago.  Not only did it do that, but it is also taking over the dunes.  They have tried burning the grass, but the roots are so deep it did nothing but burn the surface.  On the right-at last we are at the ocean!  Picture below on the left we are actually driving along a real road.  They made this a road back in the 20's before 101 was built, which happened in the 30's.  It is still considered a road with a 25 MPH speed limit, and is patrolled by the police.  Pic on right we are back in the trees, still the dunes, but now the invasive forest in the dunes.

 There were many out in their dune buggies, motorcycles, and 4 wheelers.  Picture on the left below shows a tree island in the dunes. 

 The driver did take us on a few thrill trips straight down the dunes.  Not very fast, but still fun.
 We went back to Florence.  Here is the historic bridge.  I think it's beautiful.  I tried some playing with my camera and the focusing. 

 Here is a plack that told about the building of the bridge.  Can you see the scaffolding?  They did a lot of building in the 30's.  The Hoover Dam, for example. 
 Here's another Sea Lion.  I saw a total of 4 in Florence.  And the bridge.  It is said the architect (I'm so thankful for the spelling feature here) was influenced by Art Deco, Goth, and Egyptian styles.  I really like Art Deco.  I first discovered it when visiting New York City. 

 Another hobby of mine is geo-caching.  There was one at this Veteran's memorial.  The pic on the right I just like for the reflection.

 I'm disappointed in this picture unless it looks good when you click on it and enlarge it.  It looks great in Photo, but loses pixels when I enlarge it.

 Dinner!  Crab!  Definitely on my diet.  I couldn't dip it into butter, though.
 This was taken this morning.  I woke up to rain.  Like the drizzle we get in Fairbanks and call rain.  100% humidity on the weather apps, but they don't call it rain here.  It is called fog.  Oh. 

 Here we are at Cape Blanco lighthouse.  Can you see it in the first picture? 
 This is the oldest working lighthouse in Oregon.  Constructed in 1870!  Almost 150 years old!         Picture of stairs going up.

 This picture is taken inside of the top of the lighthouse, right at the light.  It was nice and warm up there.  You can see the light bulb.  That prism structure was turning as we were up there listening to the history.  If they have to stop the turning for repairs or anything they have a curtain to go around it.  It is so bright that the light shining through the stilled prisms would catch the land on fire.  It happened once, not hear, but at another light house.
 Here is a close-up of the middle part where it says who built this, and that it was built in Paris.  150 years ago!  I'm going to try to bring up a picture of the whole thing, because I forgot to while I was in there. 

There, I did it.  Oh, there is an ocean out there.  lol.  Couldn't see it today.  Below is a cool video I took of it turning.
 This is the apparatus that is turning it. 
 We took a little trip down to Port Orford.  This is known for being an artsy community that has no fast food restaurants or strip mall.  A lot of visitors look out over the ocean searching for whales.  I found this one on the sidewalk. 

 Once again I couldn't get the cursor in the right spot above these pictures, so I'll talk about them below the pictures.  We drove to Port Orford Heads State Park.  At the top of the hill there were some buildings left over from when the Coast Guard had a station there.  One was turned into a museum.  Before we went to the museum I found there were 2 geo-caches along the trails.  It seemed like a LONG hike down.  I really like the above picture with the green brush and pines.  Then the aqua of the ocean.  I successfully found one geo-cache.  The second eluded me.  We walked some more.  It seemed long at first, but it really wasn't bad.  I did add lots of steps to my watch.  Today's steps are 11,259.  Pretty good.  I'd like better.  Below you can see what is left over from the Coast Guard launch.  Any buildings that would have been there burned down in the 70's.  If a ship was in trouble out in the ocean they would put into water their small, quick boats to rescue them.  Richard pointed out that the water was quite calm here in this little cove, while around the peninsula we were on it was quite rough.
 This building was the barracks for the men.  They also had a nice display of ships.

 I thought this was cute-look closely at the top of the fence, you'll see pickets turned into 2-D bird houses!

 And lastly, our KOA campsite.  It is beautiful.  Pull through sites.  A little train. Free breakfast.  What?  Only in the summer????????   Well, I can't have their French Toast anyway.  It is real quiet here.  There are a few RVers back in where the sewers are.  We are probably the only ones here for one night. 

Bark, Bark, Bark!  Leinen just set off his alarm.  Time to do a last potty stop, then bedtime.  This took way to long, but I really enjoy the pictures and sharing them.  I still chuckle at Leinen attacking the ocean.  'til next time-and warmer weather, I hope!  Red woods are next!  I love trees.


  1. Richard mentioned one of the dogs was determined to fight with the ocean waves...and now you've told me which one is the ferious ocean-battling beast...Leinen, but of course! Sounds like a memorable day for all!

    1. It was hilarious! Now I'm going to try to add to this blog. I think things sorted themselves out.

  2. You should call Leinen, Canute! Good pics inside the lighthouse and of the sunset. As to pics, can't you just hook up the appropriate cable and copy them out of your camera to the computer?

  3. Love the lighthouse!! Enjoying your adventures!

  4. Love the "action cam" from the dune buggy.

  5. Great seeing the photos of the scenery, lighthouse and dune buggy rides!