Saturday, February 9, 2019

Boondocking vs. RV Park

Hello, good morning, In the 40's this morning walking the dogs.  Artie did not beg to go out for a second walk this morning.

 I haven't talked much about the shopping around Quartzsite, but just thought I'd show you this.  I could purchase gold pans if I wanted.  lol.
So I was sitting waiting for my very healthy drink when Richard walked up with an ice cream cone and a bowl of ice cream.  I knew it wasn't for me because I don't eat ice cream very often.  You can see from Richard by his hair and his coat that it was cold and windy.  So I gave him a hard time about all that.  Turns out he bought the cone, then asked for a bowl.  Sure......
My drink was ok.  The worker was very busy and not organized.  After 15 minutes he noticed me and said he forgot I was there..............

Boondocking vs RV Park.
My definition of boondocking for this blog today is boondocking out in the desert for at least a week or longer.
Let's start with Dogs.  
BD-Pros....Long, long walks.  Easy to skirt around any dogs. Barking isn't as annoying.
Cons......There are scary holes everywhere.  Finally realized it was too cold for anything to be out and about.  If it was 85 degrees, then we'd be wary.
RV Park..... This park is awesome.  A fenced in yard, but not gated.  Many dog poop bag and trash containers around. GRASS!!!!! for the dogs.  Large enough park to walk around.  Some parks have no fenced in area.  Last park was too small to get in a good walk.
BD-Pros.    If you have extenders and many providers, it could be a good experience.
Cons.....For us, this last trip, I rarely could get signal, even on my phone, so anything on the internet was hit or miss.  Definitely no blogging, but Richard could.  One reason it was bad was because there were also many, many people around us using the bandwidth.
So for WIFI, we'd have to try again where there aren't crowds of boondockers around.
RV Park.  Most of the time pretty good.  Here, where we are paying for it, it is great!!!!!
BD  we did surprisingly well!  Turns out we probably used only 2/3's of the water in our tank.  I could have taken more showers.  The gray and black water tanks didn't fill, either.
RV Park.  I must say, the pools and hot tubs are nice to use.  Richard goes almost every day.
Cooking  It probably didn't change.
BD  We had just the solar panels and generator.  Due to light clouds and the angle of the sun in January we used the generator.  Cost wasn't that significant in my mind.  Richard would start it up in the morning and let it run for some time.  It needed to be on to run the microwave and coffee pot and Instant Pot.  The propane cooktop was used.

Pros of boondocking is that we are right in the middle of nature.  I like that.
Pros of RV Parks.  We are around people.  I like that.

I am happy doing both.  I guess I am just adaptable.  Except to this weather.  Too cold still.  lol.

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  1. I also like the amenities on a camp ground contrary to boondocking, however the latter feels so much more adventurous ;-)