Saturday, March 9, 2019

Desert Flowers part 2

All of these white flowers are in the cryptantha family.  They are also called popcorn or forget-me-nots.  The blue Forget-Me-Not is the Alaska state flower.  I don't see them much.  In my field guide for desert wildflowers I find 7 varieties.  I got 3 varieties in one picture.  There was a variety in the cholla gardens in JT.  I am wondering if they were the "Scented Cryptantha." because there was such a great scent there.  Reminded me of lilies.  If you see white in any of the other pictures, they are these.  The flowers are very, very tiny.  

There are seven varieties of flowers in this picture.
This is the only one if its kind I found here.  I believe it is a Booth's Primrose or Bottle-Brusher.  
One of my favorite pictures.  The cactus is about waist high.  The phone was down on the ground for the pic.  It is a pencil cholla cactus and Lupines.
This one is called Purple Mat.  

Yellow Cups

Yellow Poppie, which are different than yellow cups.  Look at the insides and the plant leaves.

And this.  lol

We went from this

To this.  

And found this!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my 2 blogs on flowers.  The way things work, this comes up first, so after this will be Blog #1 on the Desert Flowers.  Ta Ta For Now!


  1. But the really important question....did the Roadrunner go "Neep Neep" as it ran away?

    1. Yes, and he wiggled his feet before take off. Geesh

  2. I love poppies! And not for the opium. 😂 You are so lucky to be seeing all the flowers with the rains. Thanks for capturing.

  3. Beautiful flower photos, thanks for sharing them!